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OXBO Pixall CP100 Sweet Corn Puller

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The CP100 has made it possible for fresh market growers to deliver mechanically harvested, top quality sweet corn to supermarket and road-side stands. The CP100 provides its gentle harvesting technique in a one-row, tractor drawn model.

The CP100 is a corn puller.  As opposed to a corn picker, it pulls the corn stock up into the machine and cuts the ear off leaving a longer shank. A one-row sweet corn puller is a gentler way to harvest. This corn harvester produces results comparable to hand picking.

  • Convenient pull-type harvester
  • Picking capacity of 600 dozen ears or more per hour
  • Gentle handling -hand picking type action
  • Premium product quality
  • Effective cleaning with flag-leaves intact
  • 180 degree elevator rotation for loading versatility

Watson’s sells both new demo-type and refurbished bean and sweet corn harvesters.  As farmers, we understand the importance of being ready when the crop is. Each used unit is refurbished in our shop, has been thoroughly serviced and is in field ready condition.

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