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OXBO Pixall BH100 Bean and Pea Harvester

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The OXBO BH100 Harvester is a high quality, low maintenance, one row harvester that brings in a clean, quality crop.  It will harvest a third of an acre per hour.

As a bean and pea picker, the BH100 will harvest green and yellow beans, wax beans, pole beans, snap beans, string beans, purple hull peas, lima beans and many other bean and pea varieties.

With a shrinking labor market, the BH100 brings commercial harvesting technology and a competitive edge to small fresh market growers.

  • Convenient pull-type harvester
  • Easy, reliable operation
  • Premium product quality
  • Effective picking reel
  • Gentle handling
  • Loading versatility
  • Clean product
  • Fast harvest, quick payback

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