Full Circle Irrigation Pivot Field Mule / Watson Irrigation Boom

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Presenting the Pivot Mule

Built on the frame of hi-boy tractors upcycled from other agricultural applications, The Pivot Mule is ideal for servicing irrigation systems with an extendable boom that hoists heavy parts high above mature plants, reducing crop damage resulting from required repairs.

Some Benefits of the Pivot Mule:

  • Hydrostatic 4 Wheel Drive with Electric Start
  • Ground clearance over 68”- Service pivots at any stage of crop maturity
  • Electric Start
  • Extendable boom with a lifting capacity of 1,400+ lbs – perfect for changing tires, rims, gearboxes, and carrying tools.
  • Equipped with a 2-way unit controller with a 25’ cable allowing repairs requiring a hoist to be completed by a single person.
  • Light enough for easy transport from field to field on a car trailer (less than 2 tons total weight)
  • Set up for 30” wide rows – does not flatten crops.
  • Can be used to change sprinkler heads with additional work platform on the wings (34’ with extended wings)
  • Bring and remove tires easily from the field throughout the growing season.
  • Avoid costly repairs to tillage and harvesting equipment that often finds last season’s discarded pivot tires and gearboxes.

Best of all, the Mule always shows up for work!

Pivot Mule Specifications

  • Power Source –  12 volt Battery
  • Hydraulic Power Unit – Am-Dyn-Ic Fluid Power
  • Type – 2 stage
  • Flow Rate – 3.6 gallons per minute
  • Max PSI – 4000, set at 3000 psi
  • Relief Main – 2500
  • Factory relief down-side – 100 psi
  • All power units come with manual flow control steel reservoir (capacity 2 gallons)
  • Lifting capacity on Watson stock power boom is 1400+ lbs
  • 4 way unit controller with 25’ cable

Please contact with questions or interests!
​800-465-2573 or jimwatson@ciaccess.com