Exothermic PulseFire Long Range Torch (PF-LRT)

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When you press the trigger, the Exothermic PulseFire fuel pump draws gasoline from the non-pressurized reservoir and forces it through the nozzle, where it passes through an arc of plasma, producing an 8 meter stream of fire.*

We’ve sold numerous systems to fire fighters, farmers, and controlled burn prescribers – they love using an efficient, portable, long range torch for work. The PulseFire is the safest and most effective way to apply fire at a distance.


Gasoline (unleaded, any octane) will produce a bright hot flashy flame and produces the most reliable and brilliant results. A gasoline-diesel mixture (up to 50% diesel) is what you want to use for burning foliage. The heat from the burning gasoline will keep the diesel above its flash point, and the oily diesel fuel will keep the fire going until what ever you’re burning is toast.


Fully charged, it should power the system for at least 15 full tanks of fuel, or 2 full backpacks before requiring charging. Environmental conditions as well as variations in manufacturing can affect this capacity. At about 10.8volts, the system will cut power to the trigger to alert you that it’s time to change or charge the battery.

Length: 65.3cm
Width: 21.6cm
Height: 25.4cm
Weight: 2.72kg
Ignition: High frequency electric spark
Default Nozzle: 1.8mm solid stream
Typical Reach: ≥8m*
Fuel Capacity: 1.6L
Compatible Fuel: Gasoline, gasoline-diesel mixture
Primary Materials: Aluminum, Viton, brass
Finish: Powder-coat
Battery: 2200 mAh3 cell rechargeable lithium
Includes: Long range torch, user manual, rechargeable battery, and charger

* = Under ideal conditions

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