Q: You’re located in Canada, how does that affect my sale?

A: Great question, most of the business we do here at Watson’s is international so this question comes up frequently, and is often a concern for our buyers and sellers.

In the case of our US customers, if the machine is in Canada, we have administrative staff in house that will complete all the customs paperwork and ship the machine to our closest US city (Detroit, MI) prior to your scheduled pick up date or directly to your farm.

​In cases of overseas shipping, we have a variety of experienced customs brokers that can assist us in moving your new piece of equipment to your desired location.

We will get your machine where it needs to go with the lowest possible shipping costs.

Q: What about taxes, tariffs and other extraneous costs?

A: What we sell here at Jim Watson Equipment is all agricultural equipment and as a result it is not subject to tax in North America. If you are outside of North America, taxes and fees may be subject to your government’s regulations.

Q: What does it mean when you say field-ready?

A: When Watson’s says field ready, the machine is ready for its intended use. As farmers ourselves, we recognize the time-sensitive nature of agriculture, so each field ready piece is guaranteed to perform for you as soon as it is unloaded at your location, no questions asked.

Q: Why would I want to buy a refurbished piece of equipment when I could buy it new?

A: There are many great reasons to buy a refurbished piece of equipment through Watson’s but the most significant is cost. We areable to provide like new pieces of equipment at a fraction of the cost of new, because of our relationship with OXBO (formerly Byron/Pixall) and our team of expert fabricators, mechanics and welders, we are able to refurbish used equipment with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to like new condition.

Q: I want to purchase a piece of machinery from Watson’s, how can we get it to my location?

A: Watson’s is happy to assist you in finding shipping to your location whether you choose to have Watson’s deliver it or would like assistance in finding another carrier.

In cases of machinery that needs to travel overseas, we are happy to load the equipment into sea containers or to make roll on, roll off arrangements with a freight forwarder.Both provide dock to dock tracking of your new piece of equipment.

Q: You ship equipment too?

A: We do.  Watson’s has a fleet of trucks, step-deck and detachable floats  and drivers with years of experience shipping wide-load ag equipment throughout the US and Canada.

Q: Is financing an option?

A: Although Watson’s does not provide financing, we can refer you to various companies that provide a variety of lease/ loan options for financing agricultural equipment in the US and in Canada. Some will cover smaller refurbished items. Most of these companies will also include the cost of delivery to your location.