Harvesting Equipment:

  • Single row and multi-row harvesters, pickers and puller, new and used  – Oxbo, Pixall, Byron, FMC
  • Harvester heads and pod strippers for seed corn, sweet corn, fresh marketbeans and peas;
  • Dump carts and wagons- OXBO, Byron, Richardton, Sunflower, Horst

Harvest Support Equipment:

  • Convey-All tenders for seeding/planting operations
  • High crop equipment–hi-boy tractors, sprayers, male corn-destroyers, tassel cutters and pullers;
  • Husking beds – A&K, Hughes and New Idea

Transportation Equipment:

  • Semi-tractors
  • Walking-floor (live bed) trailers
  • Trailers and belly dumps
  • Semi-tractors- with hoists (trailer tippers)
  • Material handling units including stationary walking-floor bins and blow decks;
  • Cody Hitches and Couplers for 5th wheel trailers

Equipment For Sale:

Whether you are buying or selling, Watson’s would like to help.

We are always looking to purchase specialty used equipment in good, condition. Contact us today.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Pixall/OXBO one row bean harvesters
  • Corn pullers 1-row and 4-row (CP100 and CP400)
  • Dump carts
  • OXBO 8430 – Single wheel or CWE dual wheel with low hours, MUST be in MINT condition
  • EL30 with belted conveyors
  • OXBO 3630 6-row 30″ head
  • OXBO DB18
  • Good used day cab semi tractors

We are always interested in purchasing:

  • OXBO/Pixall CP100
  • CP400 head with or without chassis
  • OXBO/Pixall BH100 one row bean/pea harvesters
  • Late model OXBO Big Jack – Prefer VPC II 1500 head or CP400 head
  • FMC Model 156 pea harvester, preferably 6 wheel drive, in good condition.
  • VPC bean heads 1200 or 1500
  • Used dumpcarts: OXBO 1516, 975 Richardton, 8210 Sunflower
  • 40′ and 60′ long IMCO stacking elevators
  • Day cab semi tractors, tandem axle, spring suspension or rubber block. Minimum of 116″ from back of cab to center of rear axle
  • Walking floor trailers