Ron & Linda Catt, Pratt, Manitoba
Purchased a husking bed for their seed corn operation
“I just had to email to tell Jim and John (shop foreman) that they are my idols. I love this husking machine that we bought from you! It is amazing how it works and how much it is saving my wrists. Some of the corn is still immature and still holding onto the husks, so we would have had a lot of shucking to do. Also, the picker hasn’t been working up to par right now so the husking machine is being put to the test and is performing remarkably! I could just stand around and watch it perform! Thank you so much.”

Carroll Roberts, Alapaha, GA.
Purchased a BH100 bean picker, even feeder and a vibratory sort table
“I bought a one-row bean picker from Watson’s sight-unseen, and when it arrived I could not believe the good condition it was in. It had been totally refurbished by their shop, and it was everything they claimed it was. We certainly got value for our money. My neighbours thought I bought a brand new unit. I subsequently bought an even feeder and vibrating sort table from them. Everything worked just as it should and the equipment saved a lot of labor and expense for us. I would call Watson’s again for any equipment needs. They can be trusted to do what they say they will do.”